Monday, June 12, 2006

Here we are !
With a bit of delay (by one month). We are happy to give you the first update of "On The Road Again"
After one week spent in the Gilli Islands lying down on the beach, diving (congratulations Danielle for passing your Padi), trying to wash away the Hong Kong pace and of course work on the tan, we made our way through Lombok, Sumbawa and Flores stopping at the East Timor border. Those two weeks made us encounter the charms of the Indonesian transports (7 hours for 50km) leaving us with very sore bottoms, corrupt cops, angelic children, mysterious tribal villages, a two a.m 'wake up' to trek to the multi coloured lakes formed by meteorites and lots of wonderful and delicous foods.

We finished the Indonesian trip by the amazing wedding of Mr. and Mrs... CHAMBERLAIN !!!!!!!
Congratulations to you both .. What a beautiful couple; What a wonderful week of wedding bliss !
Thank you again for letting us share this moment with you.



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